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Week 009 [21 Jun 2006|08:45am]
I need threads!

Would like to see

Treff/Zoe: Maybe early Halloween night before all the craziness. There is a party at the Gryff tower or maybe a trip through the woods.

Treff/Tyra: Detention! Maybe moved to another night because it was Halloween and we were given the night off for good behavoir? Haha.

Anyone else! Comment and let me know.
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[06 Jun 2006|10:13pm]
Desperate for threads!!!
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Week 008 Threads [04 Jun 2006|09:09pm]

06:55AM Detention w/Tyra and possibly Jesse


01:30PM Sketchy Work w/Avis

08:20PM Candy Bribe w/Blaze


03:10PM Out and About w/Anyone!


Trefor needs threads...

Comment if you would like to thread.
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[03 Jun 2006|10:13pm]
Journal Entry Wednesday 19 October

(Charmed for his friends)

Someone please tell me what we did to deserve all this rain? Honestly I think we're all going to grow fins and gills. Hey maybe Soren and I can finally catch the Giant Squid and prove he's really a she. I mean come on...only a female could be that ill tempered all the time. Try not to hit me all at once ladies. My girlfriend might take the attention the wrong way.

Monday was another disaster curtesy of Tyra and myself. Mind you I was merely trying to keep us from having to do work during detention. Then of course I flew off my bleeding rocker and broke the poor girls wand. I really should think first and hex later. It tends to work out badly when I do it backwards. Like Hornbeam gagging up slugs, and getting Monday detentions until I'm gone. The worst part is me being a git got Tyra in trouble too. Hopefully I can get her wand fixed at least.

Tuesday I convinced Zoe to skip her Study Hall. Just like old times. Only she hits a lot harder now I tell ya. However I can still out run her.

(Charmed for Zoe)
When do you think we can get around to number 2 on that list of yours?

I'm pretty sure life could only get better if all my classes were cancelled and the weather cleared up. Oh and the other Quidditch teams all got a really nasty flu. No offense of course.

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Journal Entry Week 07 [27 May 2006|07:13pm]
[Charmed against evil and it's doers]

Well another lovely day at Hogwarts. I planned the worst ever practice which ended in a rather uncomfortable moment between an ex-team member and a curent one. Though I get the feeling they patched everything up. I hope so. I can't have distracked players. Speak on distracked Maslin's in the hospital wing because well...because it was raining and I'm the idiot that sent her and a bunch of other people on brooms up into the air. We've got two fresh players and it was our first real practice. I'm such a git. Maslin I'll make it up to you I swear.

[Charmed for Soren, Grady, and Rob]
So my girlfriends still as stubborn as before. I really like being with Zoe, but I feel like she's holding back somehow. Maybe I'm just over thinking everything. Grr.


I've got detention on Tuesday with Tyra for our little duel. Honestly I think the library looks better now. Aged wood and minimalism is really in now I hear. The librarian has something to do apparently. Whorship books maybe? I dunno. Hopefully Snape's not filling in. Hopefully armor is not invovled. My hands still burn at the thought of polishing.

Thursday can't come soon enough.
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Might Prove Usefull In The Future [25 May 2006|12:56pm]
[WARNING: OOC Post Ahead]

Since I adopted Trefor from my amazing friend Jenny I haven't exactly introduced myself. (Very very blonde sometimes.)

So...I'm Ashley..and I can usually be located/contacted in the following ways.

LJ: defectblond

AIM: xlackadasicalx

Email: defectblond@bellsouth.net

I'm usually on AIM when I'm threading, so if we are threading together feel free to IM me with anything.

And thanks to everyone for being so amazing.
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Week 07 Threads [24 May 2006|10:00am]
11:01AM Planning w/Grady and Robert
3:00PM Quidditch Practice w/Charlie, Blaze, Jackie, Phillip, and Grady
11:00PM Common Room Party w/Charlie

[OOC: I think I'm full on Sunday threads]
6:49PM Detention w/Tyra

1:00PM Bad Influence w/Zoe CLOSED


3:09PM What Are Friends For w/Jackie and Soren CLOSED



[OOC: Threads I'd like to see...

Ozma/Trefor: Monday night maybe? Same time same place?
Zoe/Trefor: Duh
Soren Trefor: So they can stop avoiding each other?
Grady/Rob/Trefor: Thursday night. I know we have to wait. Grr.

Want to thread with the Treff-meister? Leave me a comment.]
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Week 05 Journal Entry [23 May 2006|08:48pm]
[Charmed for those Trefor considers friends]

Well it's been a fairly interesting week to say the least.

Sunday I met a ghost. Not one of those old gits either. She's about my age, and kind of cute...for a ghost. She let me draw her picture but we didn't get to finish it. I was supposed to finish it Monday but something came up.

Monday I ran into Zoe, Soren, and that Rita person. She really is the most aggravating person I've ever met. Where does she come off ruining everyone's lives? I'm not looking forward to waht she puts about me in her next article. I kind of went a little crazy around her. Sorry Soren...I didn't mean to make things weird mate.

Thursday in the library Tyra challenged me to a duel. Unfortunatly we both were a little new at it and ended up in the hospital wing. I still itch a bit from the anti-boil creme. You wouldn't believe the hell we got for it.

I got a letter from Mum and Dad finally. Everythings fine back home. They're worried about Gwyn. I told 'em she's doing fine. I dunno. I barely see her. She's fourteen; she can handle herself. Anyway they're going on some cruise for the holidays so I guess I'll be here.

[Charmed for Soren, and Grady]

Zoe and I are back together...I think. I don't know. It's complicated. When is it not complicated?

[Charmes for Zoe]
Zo, what are you doing for the holidays?
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Treff's Threads [13 May 2006|10:31pm]
Saturday October 9

Sunday October 10
6:00PM w/Ozma CLOSED

3:30PM w/Zoe, Soren, and Rita! Trefor Out
9:00PM w/Zoe
(We own you at awkward angst) CLOSED



10:00AM w/Tyra CLOSED

12:10pM w/Tobias, Mason, and Keeley



(I'm only posting threads that contain plot.)
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Quidditch Roster [11 May 2006|01:51pm]
[Posted in the Gryffindor Common Room]



Captain/Seeker: Trefor Llewellyn
Keeper: Soren Sigurd
Beater 1: Charlie Davis
Beater 2: Bran Rhys
Chaser 1: Jackie Zhang
Chaser 2: Blaze Maslin
Chaser 3: Phillip Davenport

Let me know if anything is incorrect, and let me know what nights are good for meetings/practices.

P.S Get ready to give up your Saturdays.

P.P.S Mwahaha.
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Procrastinate, much? [10 Mar 2006|05:41am]
[ mood | grateful ]

So, I finally picked up my schedule from Andra, who actually made it like a bajillion years ago. Thanks Andra! I owe you, seriously. It's a good thing we have almost the same schedule, or I may have missed a few classes...

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The Obligatory Info Post [04 Mar 2006|02:27pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Cake?

Talk to me about it (especially the cake)!

AIM: hard fast l0ud

Email: artstarxxx@gmail.com

And that's pretty much it. You can contact me in either of those places, or on my OOC LJ, any time, day or night, for I am most likely on at any given hour.

♥ Jenny ( mr_yer_on_fire )

PS: Treff is loving his new friends! :)

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Friends Only [28 Feb 2006|11:26pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

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