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The Obligatory Info Post

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Cake?

Talk to me about it (especially the cake)!

AIM: hard fast l0ud


And that's pretty much it. You can contact me in either of those places, or on my OOC LJ, any time, day or night, for I am most likely on at any given hour.

♥ Jenny ( mr_yer_on_fire )

PS: Treff is loving his new friends! :)
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The waiting is killing me. I must get in on this action.
Added you! :P
Added you too
I added you as well (my AIM is skadiblake) :)
You should add me.

(ooc: You can't leave me! I'm being selfish...stay for me...make Tref easier to handle or something!! I need my Jenny!!)