trefor (trefor) wrote,

Journal Entry Week 07

[Charmed against evil and it's doers]

Well another lovely day at Hogwarts. I planned the worst ever practice which ended in a rather uncomfortable moment between an ex-team member and a curent one. Though I get the feeling they patched everything up. I hope so. I can't have distracked players. Speak on distracked Maslin's in the hospital wing because well...because it was raining and I'm the idiot that sent her and a bunch of other people on brooms up into the air. We've got two fresh players and it was our first real practice. I'm such a git. Maslin I'll make it up to you I swear.

[Charmed for Soren, Grady, and Rob]
So my girlfriends still as stubborn as before. I really like being with Zoe, but I feel like she's holding back somehow. Maybe I'm just over thinking everything. Grr.


I've got detention on Tuesday with Tyra for our little duel. Honestly I think the library looks better now. Aged wood and minimalism is really in now I hear. The librarian has something to do apparently. Whorship books maybe? I dunno. Hopefully Snape's not filling in. Hopefully armor is not invovled. My hands still burn at the thought of polishing.

Thursday can't come soon enough.
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