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Insignificant Musings of a 17 Year Old Boy

21 November
External Services:
  • trefor@livejournal.com
This is a RP character for hih_thegame

open only to the students and faculty of Hogwarts

Player Information

Name / LJ Username: Ashley / defectblond

HiH House: Hufflepuff

Character Information

Name: Trefor (Treff) Llewellyn

House: Gryffindor

Age / Birthdate: 17 / 11-21-1987

Year: 7th

Bloodline / Heritage: Half-Blood / Welsh

Personal History:

Trefor was born and raised in a loving, comfortable household in Wales. His father, Siorus Llewellyn, is a muggle, but fully embraced the Wizarding world when he married Aerona, a very gifted witch who works for the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Both their children, Trefor and Gwyn, who is four years his junior, were born with Aerona’s magical abilities, much to their parents’ delight. It was no surprise when Trefor received his Hogwarts letter, as he had been showing signs of magic since he was a baby; at the age of one, little Treffy was inadvertently causing various household items to combust whenever he threw a tantrum.


Trefor is known for his wit, charisma, and keen sense of adventure. Extroverted and opinionated, he has something to say about everything, and is never afraid to say it. Infamous for his late-night trysts through the castle and unannounced visits to the girls’ dormitories, he has never been one for rules, except out on the Quidditch pitch. Despite his uninhibited outward appearance, though, he is quite introspective, and can be found daydreaming or drawing in his sketchbook whenever he thinks no one’s looking. He is passionate and deeply loving, but is known to hold grudges if rubbed the wrong way.

Physical Description:

5’9” inches tall, with a slight but strong build; messy, light brown hair usually found in his eager blue eyes; mischievous, dimpled smile.

Hobbies and talents:

Art- mostly drawing, Quidditch- his favorite position is Keeper, but he likes all of them, Muggle music- particularly the old rock music his father listens to when his mother isn’t home, and General Mischief Making- secret duels, parties, fraternizing with Gryff Girls, tormenting Mrs. Norris, etc…


Concentrating on one thing at a time, bad temper, not doing his homework, obeying the rules, can be somewhat dramatic, sometimes too blunt, lack of commitment with girls, insomniac

Best subjects: Charms, DADA, and Transfiguration

Worst subjects: Herbology, Divination, Potions, Arithmancy, and Ancient Runes

Broom: Comet 260

Wand: Ash, Phoenix Feather, 10 Inches

List of classes for current year:

History of Magic
Care of Magical Creatures
Muggle Studies

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